Superior Customer Service Turns Crisis into Opportunity

Superior Customer Service Turns Crisis into Opportunity

datachannel.orgSuperior Customer Service Turns Crisis into Opportunity. Carnival Cruise Lines was again victim to another unfortunate incident on March 14. This highlights the importance of customer service. I was intrigued to see what small businesses could do in such a situation after reading about the more than 4,000 passengers who were left stranded on a cruise liner in poor living conditions. A great customer experience is key to your brand, customers and company’s success, even during a crisis. Here are some strategies to help you make a crisis a positive one.


This is a common occurrence: a company commits an error and then skirts the issue. Your customers deserve an explanation. Everyone makes mistakes. It all depends on how you fix it.


This is how you can apply it to your own life. Isn’t it a great idea to offer sincere apology? Is it possible to solve a business crisis by simply offering an apology? Although it is unlikely, a sincere apology can humanize your company, spokesperson, and provide confidence when it is most needed.

Exceed your expectations with full transparency

Try to imagine yourself as your customer. What would you do to fix the situation? No matter what the answer, take that action plus one. To extend your customer’s relationship, it is important to disclose all the causes and steps you are taking in order to address them. Customers expect companies that do business with them to be honest and fair. Even if it seems impossible, customers will appreciate the effort.

Be honest

Exceeding expectations is a prerequisite. Deliver what you have promised to your customers and do it well. It’s that simple. It is better to over promise than under deliver. Promise only what you can deliver and don’t lie by omission. It will all come out in the end.

Follow the social media channels

Before you start tweeting and blogging, it’s crucial to have a plan for crisis communications. But silence is your enemy. Your customers shouldn’t be left wondering what’s going on. This will only make them more upset. Your customers live in an age of instant information. The better prepared you are,

Concentrate on customers that you have

Companies often focus on acquiring new clients and sales. If your reputation is at stake, make sure your customers are your number one priority.

Carnival Cruise Lines is a great example of how important it is to have a plan in place to ensure that customers are treated well during times of crisis. This will help you build trust and long-term customer loyalty.

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