Sparked: Five Ideas Brought to Life by Entrepreneurs

Sparked Five Ideas Brought to Life by Entrepreneurs

Reminiscing about the your success

datachannel.orgSparked Five Ideas Brought to Life by Entrepreneurs. Brent Thomas loves mountain biking as well as road biking and riding to work on his bicycle. The passion of his was the reason he decided to create an item that could help make biking more secure.

In June Thomas began BikeWrappers LLC which is a business that offers reflective wraps for the tubes of bicycles, which makes them noticeable to motorists in the evening. The wrappers can be removed and are can be reversible (with the pattern of a decorative design on the reverse side for viewing during daylight hours). The company is based in San Francisco and sells BikeWrappers at a price of $45 for a set.

Thomas who has been a business development expert with an Internet advertising company, created these prototypes using an own machine. He located a supplier and has started selling them mostly on the internet. He also has started selling a collection of reflective dog items known as DogWrappers that are designed to help dogs be more visible in the dark.

Although the business isn’t yet profitable, Thomas says he hopes to make it his full-time occupation soon.

Reeling the success wave

Colin Pyle had a degree in Spanish and worked at the construction firm of his father however, he had always wanted to create his own company. He was not sure what to do, but.

“I didn’t have any design experience and I didn’t have any business experience,” He stated.

Pyle decided to not allow that to stop him. He founded the San Francisco company, Golden Hour to sell the product he invented known as”the Wrist Shot, a camera that is strapped to your wrist and is suitable for any situation where you require hands free while taking photos. For example, while surfing.

“If you’ve ever attempted to use a camera to surf and you’ve realized that it’s a challenge. It is essential to have the full control of your hands and arms all the time and you’re not carrying any pockets, and you’re likely to lose your camera in the event of a wipeout,” Pyle said.

Pyle was infatuated. He dismantled the leash on his surfboard and sketched the idea using tape and construction paper.

“Then I went to my friend who is a fashion designer; we used her industrial sewing machine to make the first prototype,” Pyle stated. “It was a bit clunky however it gave me the opportunity to test the idea and it was a success. We then made some rounds of tweaks in streamlining and changing to the size.”

With the help of a $20,000 investment Pyle’s business was established. The idea was pushed through every step of the process and even travelled to China to locate a factory.

Pyle 31, who’s 31 is expecting Golden Hour to be his full-time occupation by the year 2011.

Mother of invention

As mother of four, Karen Racer knows a something and a thing or two regarding morning sickness.

When she learned that a popular treatment is the smell from lemons, she developed an item to aid women who suffer from morning sickness in the absence of citrus available.

Her invention, which she calls Morning Sickness Soothers is a nose clip that can be used as a disposable available in 4 scents: lemon peppermint, orange and spearmint. They are available at $14.95 for a set of 12. The invention she invented recently was granted patent.

So so far, Racer says, she has put in anywhere between $75,000 and $50,000 to the company located at Teaneck, N.J.

“The most difficult part of bringing this product to market has been educating the public,” said Racer. “I’ve become my own PR, marketing my product using social media forums such as LinkedIn,, Facebook and Twitter.”

Bright future

Micaela Birmingham was able to raise just $5,000 to launch her company, City Mum that sells a sunshade she designed for infant strollers.

“After other parents started to ask where they could get a stylish shade like mine, I took the pattern originally made in my kitchen out of a dishcloth, perfected it and produced it,” Birmingham told me.

Birmingham was forced to be creative in order to find the right manufacturing facility. Birmingham needed an affordable, flexible factory that could take smaller orders initially and she was able to locate this in the New York Garment District.

The company is now financially successful according to her and the CityShade is sold all over the world.

Cool idea!

Jamie Burke worked at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, which was where she worked to tackle the issue of obesity in adolescents. She’s since brought her knowledge into the realm of small-scale business by creating clothes known as Cool Shapes. They’re shorts with a contoured design which contain chilling gel pack. Cold packs are pressed onto the fat-laden regions.

Her twin sister Lark MacPhail have invested $65K in the company named FreezeAwayFat.

“It uses the science of cooling brown fat to shrink white fat cells and get rid of stubborn problem areas,” Burke said. Burke.

The sisters depended on their own abilities as well as contacted their families and friends to help get the business up and running.

“We have been very fortunate to have the network of friends and family who are within the legal, business, science and social media community,” Burke added.

The most challenging aspect of the entire process was finding a local fabric manufacturer and a fabric manufacturer.

“Everywhere we went, we were told to leave the country. We were however committed to having the item manufactured by America. U.S.A.,” her sister explained. “This caused almost a four-month stall while we searched for a full service-operation (pattern making, grading, sewing) to work with us.”

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