Business Plan Tools for Startups and Small Businesses

Business Plan Tools for Startups and Small Businesses– Business Plan Tools for Startups and Small Businesses. Are you a business owner with a brilliant idea? A great business plan can assist you in turning into a profitable business. Writing a successful business plan is not an easy task but it’s not a simple task. You’ll have to not just develop your concept and then make educated guesses and possess an knowledge of the various factors involved in running your company -prior to starting one.

Finding out how to go about it correctly is not easy enough, however there are a variety of tools to assist in making this daunting task a little easier for entrepreneurs who want to get started. Instead of starting from scratch here is a selection of business plans templates, software applications and services that can aid you in starting a business in the right manner with a professionally-written business plan.

Business plans templates

Business template for business plans provide you with the exact details of what a business plan supposed to look like and what’s included within each of the sections. You can download them as free business plans that you could adapt and alter to fit your particular business, or even as fill-in the-blank or question and answer forms. There are various types of business plansavailable: basic business plans that only cover the basics, extensive ones that address every aspect of a company and others that have been designed to serve particular purposes like to solicit funding or to find business partners. Here are a few business plan templates to think about.

100$ Startup One-page business plan. One-page business plans make it easier for you to go about making a business plan by getting to the essentials of what your business about and how you’ll be able to accomplish your objectives. Imagine making a note of your business plan on napkins and with a reason. It’s called the $100 Startup’s One-page Business Plan is a good example of a business plan templates. Just answer a few questions such as “What will you sell?” “What will you charge?” and “How will customers learn about your business?” In only a couple of sentences, and you’re ready to go.

SCORE Business Plan Templates. Small-scale business resource SCORE offers a variety of PDFs and Word templates for business plans for small and established companies, as well as even non-profit organizations. The company also provides other kinds of business planning tools and templates, like financial projections as well as sales forecasts, market research, SWOT analysis and many more. When your business plan is completed and you’re ready to go, you can talk with an SCORE mentor to receive assistance and feedback. Are you in search of free business plans? offers a large selection of business plans suitable for all kinds of businesses such as retailers as well as online companies and service providers, restaurants and many more. These templates come with tables of contents as well as sections such as executive summary company overview and services and products and services, market analysis, financial planning and other typical sections of a business plan. provides over 500 sample business plans which can be downloaded in Word or PDF, as well as other formats.

Rocket Lawyer. If you’re in need of making your business plan legal then check out Rocket Lawyer. Rocket Lawyer lets you create your own legal documents and gives you access to a variety of legal services. The section for business plans allows you to create business plans in just three steps: create documents, save them and sign. You can print and distribute your business plans to make them easy to access. Rocket Lawyer business plans come with the standard elements of a business’s plan, and also areas for financing requests, as well as an appendix with supporting documents.

Business plans apps

There’s no need to sit at your desk in order to draft an effective business plan. There are many business plan mobile applications which allow you to create your business plan at any time any time, from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone. Two apps are worth a look.

StartPad. It is praised as such by Entrepreneur as well as Forbes, StartPad is one of the most popular business plan applications available on the iPad. The app provides a broad variety of resources for business planning including instructional videos on strategic business planning and professionally designed budgets, projections for financials, and other reports. Plans for business created with StartPad can be exported in high-resolution PDFs, or printed. The base version of StartPad offers no cost downloads and install, but requires in-app purchases to access additional features. Get StartPad from the Apple App Store.

Business Plan & Start Startup. If you are an Android user? Business Plan & Start Startup is the right app for you. The app isn’t only for creating a business plan but. It also intends to accomplish three things to help entrepreneurs: assist them in starting your business in the right manner by preparing a business plan that is well-crafted to keep them focused and on the right track as well as provide a network of entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and experts who can the users with developing their business plan and managing their businesses. Business Plan & Start Startup is available for download via Google Play. Google Play marketplace

Service for Business Plans

Do you not want to utilize any of the options above? You can try an online business planning service that guides you through the writing process. They offer the same tools that are used in software for business plans — like charts and document collection The distinction being that they usually have legal and business specialists who can assist you in comprehend the complexities of your business business plan. Two business plan tools available online worth considering can be considered are LivePlan along with The SBA Business Plan Tool. Do you need financing? Take a look at’s Business Plan service at The business plan on the web is accompanied by a step-by step guide to help you create your business plan, and then optimize your plan to attract investors. Business plans can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business, including graphics, logos layouts, custom designs and layouts that reflect the brand you want to promote. Once you have created the business strategy, you are able to post it for publication and sharing on’s crowdfunding website,, where you are able to connect with investors and include elements such as videos and photos to promote your business.

LivePlan. LivePlan is cloud-based business planning service that provides everything from document creation to planning tools including financial calculators, guidance sources and other resources. LivePlan will guide you through every aspect of the business plan . It offers step-by-step directions and guidance that are based on the goal that you have set for your plan (starting the business or business, establishing a foundation, financing etc.)

SBA Business Plan Tool. The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Business Plan Tool provides everything from an executive summary and company descriptions to market research products, product lines marketing and sales along with financial projections that are described in depth. You can also customize your business plan by adding your logo for your business and save, print, and update your business plan whenever you need to.

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