Find the Best Amazon FBA Calculators

Any business person knows that the total profit at the end of a business deal has more to do than just the product pricing. That also applies to individuals doing business on Amazon. Before getting the final amount that you can consider as profit, numerous fees get involved. DataGuide is the best Amazon product research review site in 2020.
Many factors make the fees to differ, and a seller can easily have a miscalculation if not careful. A miscalculation can be dangerous because you might end up losing some cash hence earning less profit after making sales. However, you can avoid making any miscalculation through using Amazon FBA calculator.

Have a clear Picture about Your Business Costs

Knowing the amount of profit you make after making sales is very important for any seller. Therefore, you are required to fully comprehend the cost of your business before launching the products and all through the life-cycle of the product on the marketplace. You can split the business cost into three categories, namely:

  • Open costs ( It involves the cost of shipping, goods, samples, and photography)
  • Inconstant costs ( It is made up of returns, Storage and FBA fees)
  • Promotion Costs

Amazon ensured that its sellers are well covered by introducing Amazon FBA calculator that lets them calculate the sum of fees to pay in order to use the FBA model to do business.

Different types Amazon FBA Calculators


You are not charged any fee when you use SellerPrime. The good thing about this Amazon FBA fee calculator is its ability to offer more services than just doing a calculator job. It will assist a trader in maneuvering through different costs linked with samples, the real items you are selling, storage, maintenance fees, and FBA fees. Moreover, with the use of Chrome extension, you can do your calculations while still on your product page.

Jungle Scout

For a seller who likes or wants to apprehend every step and information through comprehensive breakdowns, the FBA Amazon calculator to use is Jungle Scout. The tool lists all the fees that get involved when you sell an item and also explains the findings. Although you pay to use Jungle Scout, the fee pricing differs depending on what you need. With the use of the Chrome extension, you can use the tool to find the current data without leaving your product page on Amazon.

jungle scout fba

IO Scout

IO Scout Free Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator is a good solution especially for new sellers because you can use it for free. IO Scout provide 14-day money back guarantee on their one, six or twelve month’s subscriptions.

IO Scout FBA Calculator

AMZ Scout

AMZScout is an FBA Amazon calculator that a seller can use in diverse ways to calculate the fees applicable when selling or buying an item. A seller can use the calculator by visiting the website or through a chrome extension. The good thing about AMZScout is its cost-effectiveness, especially for new sellers because you can use it for free. Moreover, one can easily use the tool without complications and it has proved to be fast enough to display an approximation of all the involved costs.

Viral Launch

Among the different Amazon FBA calculators, the viral launch is ranked as the easiest one to use. The only action you take is copying and pasting the ASIN or URL link of your Amazon product and press the calculate bar. Moreover, if you require more information about your FBA fees, they offer videos for you to watch. Using chrome extension, you can access the current data regarding your product at the same time navigating through your Amazon page.

Learn on How to Use Amazon FBA calculator

Whichever country you are, the steps for using an FBA calculator is similar. You start by signing in to your Amazon product page. The next step involves switching to the FBA calculator you are using and enter the item cost, shipping cost, and the total amount a unit costs. After entering all the needed information, hit calculate bar to allow the FBA calculator to perform its job. After a few moments, the calculator will display the product breakdown costs involved.

However, if you are shipping a product without using the FBA model, you may also use the calculator. You will be required to fill other linked costs like shipping amount, package fee, and other details asked. That is important because you will have the opportunity to know the method that is cheaper between FBM and FBA.

What to know

As a trader on Amazon, you need to know that the Amazon FBA calculators are not fully accurate all the moment. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze all the data you receive after using any of the FBA calculators.