Everything you wanted to know about Amazon Brand Registry

If you truly want to maximize your chances of success on the Amazon marketplace, you should consider registering with Amazon Brand Registry. While it will take some time and it will set you back a few bucks, you will manage to differentiate yourself from the rest of the herd and thus gain a much-needed edge in an ever so crowded marketplace.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program offered by Amazon that allows brand owners to gain complete control over their brand. Its main purpose is to protect a registered trademark on Amazon. It’s a one time process that you can start at Seller Central.

Are you eligible for registration?

To register at Amazon’s Brand Registry you need to have a trademark. You do that with the United States Patent and Trademark Offic e (USPTO), but you should be warned that the entire process takes about one year. Ouch! But, if you are already having an established brand that rakes in passive sales over the course of a couple of years, there is no reason why you should delay.

How to get a trademark?

There are a couple of steps included in this process and they are:

Check for brand uniqueness

First things first. You should have a name and logo for your trademark and make sure that it’s unique. You can easily check for uniqueness using USPTO’s database.

File for a trademark with USPTO

Next, you have to file within a certain class under which your trademark falls into and it defines the type of items that will be under your brand. The cost of the trademark varies according to the class.

Hire a licensed lawyer to guide you through the paperwork

You should consider hiring a licensed attorney to do most of the legwork for you. You can find licensed lawyers either online or offline.

Once you get your trademark registered, it’s time to get approved with Amazon’s Brand Registry. Identify market trends with IO Scout product trends for Amazon right now! The good news is that compared with the rest of the process, this step is quite short. It will only take Amazon around 2 weeks to approve your brand.

Another important thing is that you have to have a registered trademark for each country in which you’re looking to sell your products.

In 2017, Amazon has decided to include some major changes to it’s Brand Registry which has resulted in Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

What makes Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 so special?

In an effort to eliminate fake and knock-off products of its shelves, Amazon allows for brand owners that have registered with Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 to:

  • Gain access to proprietary image and text search
  • Gain total control over their product listings
  • Have access to unique tools
  • Quickly search for any products that violate their brand
  • Get quality support
  • Report product review manipulations as well as other marketplace manipulations
  • It also allows adding “agents” that also have access to Brand Registry tool – great for VAs

What are the benefits of registration with Amazon Brand Registry?

The main purpose is to provide brand owners with a comprehensive list of features and different tools that will give them complete control over their brand. Some of them are:

Complete control over product listings

While a regular Amazon seller is more limited in his capabilities in the realm of product optimization, a store owner registered with ABR will have total control over:

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Product image
  • It allows for using product ID instead of EANs and UPCs

Protection from brand hijackers

In a hugely competitive marketplace that Amazon has turned into in the past couple of years, there are those sellers that will stop at nothing to get ahead.

One of the fears of start-up Amazon entrepreneurs is that someone else is going to steal their product from them. Well, when you register with Amazon’s Brand Registry that fear is a thing of the past.

You will get the sole ownership over the Buy Box for your product so even if someone else decides to copy and steal your product away from you, you can simply have them removed.

More control in selling your brand

There are five categories of sellers that qualify for the sale of branded product and they are:

  • Makers of their own product
  • Private label brand owners
  • Producers of private label products
  • Distributors with express permission to own the brand’s content on Amazon
  • Traditional manufacturers

Is registering your brand with Amazon’s Brand Registry worth it?

As you may have figured it the entire process will take you over a year and it cost you money. If you have recently started your FBA business, but you have had some traction, it may be too early for brand registration, since it will take some time before your brand takes a foothold in the marketplace. But, if you are a seasoned veteran with an already successful Amazon store and if you already have troubles with copy-cats and hijackers, you should definitely use all the capabilities that are offered to the brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry.

That way you will put a stop to all those pesky hijackers and brand stealers while ensuring that you have total control over your product listing and brand image.