Amazon Associates / Affiliates

If you’re a blogger or if you own an existing website, you can easily drive your profits by using Amazon affiliate to your advantage. Keep reading to figure out how to get started on this journey.

What Is the Program All About?

In the simplest terms, the Amazon Affiliate program is tailored for budding affiliate marketers who want to make money from their existing blogs and websites. All you need to do is promote the products of a brand listed on Amazon. Now, the moment a customer clicks your featured link and buys the product in question, you get a chance to earn some hefty referral fees.

The process doesn’t involve any money and given its feasibility and ease of use; you should certainly try banking on it. As a marketer, you will offer your users the complete convenience by leading them to a reliable website where they can instantly buy the item you’ve marketed. So, this isn’t just beneficial for you, but also a useful utility for any user who wants a specific item.

You can always drive up your profits with Amazon’s promotions. This will boost your traffic and also increase in the overall referral number.

Is Associate and Affiliate Program the Same?

If you’re wondering whether the Amazon associates program is the same as its affiliate counterpart, here’s a simple answer: they are obviously the same thing. The terms and interchangeably used and they refer to the same benefits and the similarly fashioned arrangement.

Joining the Bandwagon

Since this program comes with plenty of offerings for both newbie and experienced marketers, at this point, you probably want to know, how exactly you can join the program. Luckily, the process is extremely easy, and it’ll barely take a couple of minutes of your time.

First, visit the official website of Amazon and start hovering your mouse at the bottom of the page. There, you will find an option stating something on the lines of how you start your affiliate marketing journey right away! Click that link to begin your exciting journey.

As you do that, you will get a new window where you’d be asked to key in some personal and professional information. Add your email address, mobile number, and the link of your current blog or website.

In this new page, you will also get multiple questions asking you to describe your platform. Searching about how to sell on Amazon, follow to learn about Amazon brand registry, Amazon listing optimization etc.Use the key phrases that work most suitably.

For the fourth step, you need to choose the kind of items you’re looking to sell on the platform. This can be anything from books to toys, or even makeup goods. Make your pick and tick the relevant boxes.

The moment you’re done with this, you will get a new prompt to authenticate your identity. Add your contact number and click the ‘Call me’ option. Receive the call to ensure instant verification.

Finally, choose your preferred mode of payment and you’re all set for the affiliate marketing Amazon adventure.


You’d be happy to know that the current program doesn’t involve any fee. Since you’re the one who’s responsible for marketing the product on your preferred channel, the platform chooses to offer a set fee against every commission you make.

The Perks

While this opportunity itself might seem incredibly lucrative, many still want to know the wider benefits of the plan. So, here’s a quick sneak peek.


It goes without mention that Amazon is one of the most globally trusted brands. So, by signing up for Amazon affiliate marketing, you are steadily making way for a method of generation quick and secure profits.

Plenty of Options

Wondering what to market? Well, you’ll have absolutely no dearth of options on this leading eCommerce giant. Explore thousands of products across multiple niches before finally selecting the one that aligns with your needs. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

Instant Payments

Amazon makes instant payments every single time. That is one of the many reasons you needn’t get worked up about the payment front.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you have the desired clarity on what this program is and how exactly it works, don’t waste any time further and leverage this wonderful opportunity. Since it doesn’t require any niche skill, almost anyone can try this out. All you’ll need is a website, and once you have it, you’re good to go.